Matty P Presents: Saturday Morning Cereal Episode 5 – Legends of the Knight

Premier This Saturday Morning February 8, 2014 at 8am PST & Available On Demand Immediately After Play Episode Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of chocolate cereal, turning on […]

What Is So Special About Daryl Dixon Anyway? #askNorman Reedus

Get ready for the mid-season four premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead with a live Twitter chat with show favorite Daryl Dixon and listen now to our reply interviews with Daryl’s brother Meryl Dixon (Michael Rooker), Glen (Steven Yeun) and one of the original survivors T-Dog (IronE Singleton). To hear […]

He's Finally Back. As Conan The Barbarian!

by Grim Shea – 01/30/2014 Yes, that’s right. Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning as the crazy Cimmerian himself, Conan the m-fing Barbarian! This movie has been in the vaguely-believable section of the rumor mill for a while now (in fact, don’t count on that summer 2014 release date anymore), but according […]

LOTK Documentary Film Exploring the Power of Batman Launches Tour

Legends of the Knight Documentary Film Exploring the Power of Batman Launches Theatrical Tour Benefitting Local Charities Acclaimed Filmmaker Brett Culp Explores Stories of Everyday Heroes and Features Batfans Turned Heroes, including Batman Executive Producer Michael Uslan Tampa, Fla., January 15, 2014 – Everyone wants to become a superhero. The […]

AMCs Comic Book Men Return for more Circus Seal Shannigans

AMC’S “COMIC BOOK MEN” RETURNS… FOR A SECOND SEASON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 AT 11:30 PM   Unscripted Series Executive Produced By Kevin Smith, Charlie Corwin and Elyse Seiden   New York – September 2012 – AMC’s unscripted series “Comic Book Men,” returns for its second season on Sunday, October 14 […]