SMC Episode 80: THE TICK, A Hero Will Land Again! With Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman

This week with heavy hearts we bid a fond farewell to yet another The Tick TV series. This time, it’s Amazon Prime’s The Tick, with exclusive WonderCon RT audio with it’s star talent including Peter Serafinowicz (GOTG, Shaun of the Dead, John Wick 2), Griffin Newman (Blank Check Pod) and supporting heroes Brendan Hines (Terminator:SCC, MacGyver), Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars, The Following) and Scott Speiser (Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-0) as they promote the last and final second season.

The campaign to #SaveTheTick was as doomed as it was fierce and our episode looks to the characters history to try to figure out how. How did an indie comic book go on to inspire three TV series? How did one of the last truly great Saturday morning cartoons only last 3 seasons? How did a perfectly cast live action Fox TV series only last 9 episodes? And just how in the hell, this fantastic Amazon relaunch, with all it’s SDCC installs & fanfare is canceled after only 2 wonderful seasons? Maybe those questions aren’t as important as why this character is given so many opportunities and why this probably won’t be the last. SPOON!

We had an episode all edited and ready to go but with creator Ben Edlund’s announcement we decided to pull a moth out of the hat with a LIVE reaction show that looks on brighter side. Callers, join our LIVE broadcast at (323)792-2992 with host Marke and Jimmy The Gent on loan from Retro Cool Nerd, yes there will be give-a-ways. Fret not old chum, #TickLives!

Wtih WonderCon 2019 Roundtable Guests:

Peter “The Tick” Serafinowicz


Griffin “Arthur” Newman

Brendan HinesValorie Curry


Scott Speiser