SMC Episode 79: Cobra Kai Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy with William Zabka & Martin Kove

There was just something in the water in Hollywood back in 1984, and it’s high time we stopped ignoring it. Some of our generation’s most beloved movies came out that year and by god we will eventually talk about all of them! This week we kick off — or rather, we crane kick off our 1984 movie series with the celebration of arguably the most perfect 80’s movie of all time, The Karate Kid, plus we share Johnny Heck’s interviews with WonderCon roundtable guests “Johnny Lawrence” William Zabka (Karate KidBack To School) and the master himself “Sensei Kreese” Martin Kove (Karate KidRambo: First Blood Part II) of the wickedly popular Youtube Premium Series Cobra Kai. If ever there were proof that the themes of Saturday morning TV that we grew up with also grew up with us, it is the existence of this massively popular, 35-year-later small screen spin off. Featuring, for the first time ever, all four co-hosts at a single table! That’s right! So join Grim Shea, Marke, Johnny Heck, AND Jimmy the Gent… or we will show no mercy. Leg sweeps all around, I’m not kidding.

With Guests:

William Zabka

Karate Kid, Back to School

Martin Kove

Karate Kid, Rambo: First Blood Part 2

Recorded LIVE in person at WonderCon 2019