SMC Episode 82: Comic-Con at 50: In Fashion & Empowered An SDCC Preview Show, w/ Ashley Eckstein

This week, Marke, Bleeding Cool’s Jimmy The Gent, and Slick McFavorite from the Open Your Toys podcast all join forces to celebrate the 50th San Diego Comic-Con!

With highlights of panels, programs and activations, this special prime time LIVE team-up episode is packed with guest interviews including Chris Jaymes (writer, Sons of Chaos), Brian Flynn (founder of Super7) and very special guest: actress and Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars) to preview the 6th annual Her Universe Fashion Show, a SDCC chic geek extravaganza that we can’t stop talking about!

It’s crazy to think that SDCC has been around for 50 years, yet San Diego Comic-Con is more popular and inclusive then ever, and if you’ve been there then you can’t help but wonder at the endless possibilities of 50 SDCCs! Although our collective memories may not go back quite that far (Jimmy 26, Marke 15 Slick McFavorite 5), we have been to many so we are going to tell the story of Comic-Con through a retelling of our biggest and best memories, from the first time we saw Adam West, a walk with Boba Fett, our most cherished exclusives, autographs, SWAG and watching Marvel movie trailers with Stan Lee! Like no other gathering of geeks, nerds and weirdos, Comic-Con has tapped into the power of pop-culture in many ways and in the process it’s brought us from the fringes and into the mainstream. Let’s talk about and celebrate this power, together!

Listen, learn, & love Comic-Con again for the first time, only on Saturday Morning Cereal!