SMC Special LIVE Broadcast: Unpacking San Diego Comic-Con Programming Schedule

Let’s talk DC highlights, the premier of DC Animated’s The Death of Superman, Batman: The Animated Series NOW on Blu-ray and the Anniversary of Supergirl.

Let’s talk South Park activations and celebrate 22 seasons on TV! SDCC goes Legendary with a Lost in Space Installation that is sure to include at least some danger.

Let’s set up camp with Adult Swim.

Let’s fast-forward to the future with Amazon Fire TV and a memorable Gas Lamp activation.

Let’s look backwards with the History Channel’s Vikings and Project Blue Book.

Let’s walk the greens with FXibitions 3rd annual harbor activation and experience a slate of new and old shows like American Horror Story, Archer, Legion and a show I can’t wait for, the follow up Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M.C.

Let’s pay our respects to the father of the modern action figure, Marty Adams and his Mego action figures and his guest Joe Namath, yes THAT Joe Namath.

Let’s hang with YouTube Originals Origin and Impulse.

Let’s hang at the old folks home with CBS Studios who pack a punch in Charmed, Star Trek Discovery and new Magnum PI and Twilight Zone.

Let’s try to figure out just what the hell the AT&T Audience Network is and what this Mr. Mercedes show is all about.

Let’s amaze ourselves that there’s a Super Troopers 2.

Let’s get in Bobcat Goldthwait’s head with Misfits and Monsters.

Let’s watch From the Bridge a doc with George Takei.

Let’s experience Jack Ryan and Voltron and most importantly… let’s get old school with a celebration of Sid and Marty Krofft and the creation of something near and dear to our hearts.. Saturday morning TV!

All and more at this years San Diego Comic-Con 2018