SMC Episode 81: Cheers to Pixar! The JOHN RATZENBERGER “That One Guy’ Episode

This week we deliver a neo-nostalgic edition of “That One Guy!”, which honors those actors from your favorite movies & TV shows growing up, whose name you can’t quite think of but you know who we mean… ooh, you know, from that one thing…THAT ONE GUY!

And this One Guy is a titan of film and TV: John Ratzenberger, belovedly known to listeners of a certain age as Cliff Clavin, the wing nut mailman on the Emmy winning sitcom Cheers. But Cheers was already 20 credits into a very unique brand of acting success, as once upon a time he was That One Guy from such genre defining movies like Superman The Movie and Oscar winners like Gandhi. Heck, he was even That One Guy from The Empire Strikes Back, as Major Derlin. You know, that one guy who closes the door on Luke and Han on the ice planet Hoth? Again, from The Frickin’ Empire Strikes Frickin’ Back?!?!

And, oh yeah, most recently he is That One Guy from Every. Single. Pixar. Movie. Ever. Made. Including fan favorite Hamm from the brand new blockbuster Toy Story 4! We’ll get into all of that in a bit, but the highlight of this episode is a 40 minute one-on-one interview between our very own Grim Shea and Mr. John Ratzenberger himself, you know, that cross generational That One Guy?

Join us, Grim Shea, Marke and Jimmy the Gent, as we uncover some of the many highlights of literally one of the most successful, highest grossing actors of all times* (*by movie gross, not pay gross, poor John!) with a celebration of this amazing That One Guy!

That One Guy.

Our Guest

John Ratzenberger

Cliff Clavin from Cheers

Pixar’s Lucky Charm

Major Bren Derlin from Empire Strikes Back!

He was even in Superman The Movie and Superman II