Inclusion Matters with DisSDCC at SDCC 2019


Representation Inclusion Accessibility

PANEL: DisSDCC: Representation Inclusion Accessibility


DATE: Friday July 19, 2019

TIME: 9-10pm

Appearing on the panel are (with applicable IMDb pages in the blue links): Shoshannah Stern (Jericho, Weeds, Supernatural, IMDb), Nic Novicki (Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, IMDb), Rachel Miner (D&D Live, Supernatural, IMDb), Cindy Kapp, Kai Winchester, Emy Cook, & Lynn Gagne. The panel is moderated by Tanya Cook from Always Keep Nerd Fighting.

Meet us here… late Friday night, for an opportunity to meet a diverse group (with regards to age, disability identity, career, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity) of panelists and discuss your questions and thoughts with regard to accessibility, inclusion, and representation.