Episode 10 Rita Farbulos Show Notes Recap Season 4


By Rita Farbulous                                                                       S.4 E.10

The MattyP Radio Happy Hour returned with a special episode starring the cast of the new independent film, The M Word, starring Michael Imperioli, Corey Feldman and Tanna Frederick.

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MattyP starts the show by mentioning that he loves Heather Grahm and how it’s remarkable that she seems ageless; still looking as hot now as when she played Mercedes in License To Drive. Dave Cruz agrees and states that she’s ageless just like John Stamos. MattyP also catches Dave up on what he’s been missing by not watching the masterpiece, “Lindsay Lohan“ Docuseries.

Michael Imperioli was the first guest to join the show.


He’s led in with a song by :”Dolce Vita” which he sang and played guitar on. Dave Cruz was able to interview the star of his favorite movie Goodfellas, and asked the actor about his role playing Spider, in the cult hit mob movie. Michael tells the story about the scene when Spider gets shot but when he falls with a glass in his hand it breaks and as a result, he’s taken to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital the ER staff is concerned about the bullet wounds on the actor and he insists he was there for the cut on his hand. Michael compares his bloodshed to “being made”. He states that starring in a movie directed by Martin Scorsese and co starring with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci is likened to being made in the mafia. The Sopranos star also brings up that while filing the hit HBO series his costar, the late James Gandolfini, received a phone call from a real mobster to compliment him on the accuracy of the show but informed him that a real mobster “would never wear short pants”. Tune in to learn which “Sopranos” episodes was Michael’s favorite and what he thinks really happened at the ending for the series in the last episode.

MattyP goes on to ask the Emmy award winning actor the important questions, like “how big is a Spike Lee joint” and asks if he caught any effects of menopause while filing The M Word. When Michael was a teenager he stared in the movie Lean On Me alongside veteran actor Morgan Freeman. Listen to the play-back of the interview to learn if Michael misses his mullet from the early 80s film.

Michael informs MattyP that the worst rumor he ever heard about himself is that he was dead, spoiler alert…he’s not dead. Listen to the rest of the interview to find out what’s wrong on Michael’s Wikipedia page besides his name!

Corey Feldman’s song “Duh” is played leading into the interview with the female star of The M Word, Tanna Frederick.

She's been a mainstay of the Los Angeles theatre community, where she was a Lon Angeles Times Critics Pick.  Now she brings her talents to the big screen staring in The M Word.  She is Tanna Frederick

MattyP and Tanna discuss the theme of the movie, menopause. Tanna states that her least favorite M word is menstruation, and then she declares that she “dropped an egg today!” MattyP informed Tanna that the M Word is doing great things for a website that educates people on the use of another M word, Midget.

Corey Feldman joins the show during the end of Tanna’s interview.

He's a Meatball, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a Lost Boy, a friend of Michael Jackson and a living Hollywood legend.  He is Cory Feldman and he's returning to the Happy Hour for an exclusive interview part 2

The Lost Boys actor compliments Tanna on how good she is playing animals, “She really personifies a dog” and in a brief pause, MattyP tells Corey that Tanna said co-star Justin Kirk was very well endowed and that leads to an awkward silence followed by an uncomfortable laugh, as men will do when they talk about large penises that are not their own.

As Corey’s interview proceeds, MattyP catches up since the last interview by asking if Corey had since spoken to Judy Haim after his book “Coreyography” was released. Corey informs him that he has not, and that he believes the “lower level media” took an excerpt from the book out of context making it sound like Corey was giving readers the impression that Corey Ham may have been gay. MattyP, to his dismay, tells Corey that there was not enough mentioned about License To Dive in the autobiography. Corey states that there really wasn’t a lot of details about many of his other popular movies and refers to “Coeography” as an ice breaker. Corey informs the listeners that within the decade he would write another book, and probably title it ‘The Other Half”. MattyP gets excited and asks Corey about his experience working with, his crush, Heather Graham during the 80’s hit License To Drive. Other MattyP guests had believed Heather to be dumb, but Corey, always the gentleman, excuses those reports of Heather and states that during the movie he himself was “16 yrs old, full of semen, and not the sharpest knife in the freaking shack”. Corey brings up the story of his date with Heather, when he took her to the American Music Awards and got to second base with her in the limo. After MattyP calms down, Corey plugs his new single “Mercy” which happened to have just been released on iTunes.  Buy it here

MattyP tells the listeners that if they want to see Corey in person they can visit the Bizarre AC convention during the weekend of June 14th and attend Corey’s mini concert. MattyP hopes that Cory will be playing his favorite song “Ascension Millennium” and promises to be in the front row of the audience throwing his shirt and underwear on stage.

Corey finally stops talking and requests to take some calls from fans who have been waiting on the line for over two hours. During the call-ins we learn about why Cory wasn’t interested in doing a “Burbs” sequel that could have gone straight to DVD and how he is only interested in starring in main stream movies again. Listen to the interview to hear what Corey has to say about the Ninja Turtles movie and Goonies 2. You’re gonn a have to tune in to find out if there are any plans for Corey to sell his teeth on eBay like his buddy Haim.

Rita Farb
MattyP’s Radio Happy Hour

Producer Notes…

Apologies to writer and show runner Hilary Winston for running out of time!  We could not air her exclusive interview for Matty P Radio.  We remind you that Hilary’s funny new show, CBS’s Bad Teacher premiered on this same night to high ratings and lots of laughs.  We expect this show to be a hit!  Catch CBS’s Bad Teacher on Thursdays 9:30/8:30c and stay tuned to mattypradio.com to catch her interview on the next show!