Only The Devastor Press Has the Balls to Debut The Presidential Dickerbook at SDCC Booth 1632

The Presidential Dickerbook
Sticker book chronicles presidential dick moves.
Debuts at San Diego Comic-Con: Booth 1632
Available 7/03 [Link]

This July, celebrate the founding of America by slapping a penis sticker on every US president! It’s your patriotic duty.

The Presidential Dickerbook is a political sticker book for adults. The book comes with 44 stickers of cartoon penises based on POTUSes.

Each page profiles an American president, breaking down how much of a “dick” they were in office. Try to match the sticker with the president…

  • James K. Polk provoked war with Mexico. He gets a cannon dick sticker.
  • Bill Clinton “played around” with a White House intern. He gets a saxophone-playing dick sticker.
  • James Garfield feuded with Senator Conkling. His dick sticker looks like Garfield the Cat, because come on.

You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. Did we mention you’ll put dick stickers on the presidents?

Listen to Our Interview with Patrick Baker and the folks at Devastor as part of our SDCC Preview show… funny stuff!

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About the Creators: 
Author Patrick Baker is a writer for Cartoon Network’s Regular Show. He has also written for MTV, Comedy Central, BuzzFeed and NPR.Illustrator Elan’ Trinidad is an Eisner Award nominated cartoonist and a regular contributor to

The Devastator anthology series.

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