Episode 133: Did I Do That? Sci-Fi and 80’s Catch Phrases with Richard Bakewell

Original Broadcast Date: 4/6/24 7:oopm PT

Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of chocolate cereal, turning on the ‘toons, tuning out the outside world and working your way into a sugar hangover before noon. This week, we talk sci-fi and 80’s catch phrases with our guest, director and producer Richard Bakewell.

What if the past you remember didn’t really happen?

That’s the simple premise of filmmaker Richard Bakewell’s character-driven, science fiction drama, ROSWELL DELIRIUM, which centers around a young woman who survives nuclear disaster and alien encounters, only to slowly discover that the events she remembers are distorted by her traumatic experiences. It’s an award winning sci-fi movie that gets meta with 80’s catch phrases and an 80’s TV and movie star cast including Anthony Michael Hall, Lisa Whelchel, Dee Wallace, Sam Jones, and Reginald VelJohnson, playing characters in an 80’s alternate reality dystopia.

Join Dan “Grim” Shea, Marke., and the “Retro Cool Nerd” Jimmy Leszczynski as they unpack what it is to be a sci-fi movie and remember, poorly, a few of those “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids” 80’s catch phrases.



Richard Blakewell