Episode 12 Rita Farbulos Show Recap Season 4

Rita’s Recap from the Show that aired June 26, 2014

By Rita Farbulous                                                                                   S.4 E12

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Stuttering John Melendez:












MattyP’s life inspiration, Stuttering John Melendez, joined the show. MattyP opened the show declaring that without Stuttering John there would be no MattyP Radio Happy Hour. MattyP grew up loving John’s interview & question style.

MattyP played the song, “I’ll Talk My Way Out of It”, from the Airheads Soundtrack as the intro for the former Tonight Show announcer John Melendez’s interview.

The interview starts with remembering the infamous time when John asked baseball great and Hall of Famer Ted Williams if he had ever farted in the catcher’s face; and when John had to ask actor John Amos from “Good Times” if he thought 2Live Crew were talented or just another bunch of troublesome blacks. They recall other memorable times in John’s career, like when he got his ass kicked by Morton Downy Jr, Raquel Welch, Lou Reid and Sharon Stone’s security. MattyP asked John about the times when he flat out refused to ask some prepared questions. Tune in to learn which “Wack-Packer” from the Howard Stern show was his favorite and why.

John goes on to tell MattyP about the proudest moment of his career. MattyP recalls a time when he met John over 15 years ago, when John had a gig at a club in Commack. MattyP informed John that he was a dick (which we don’t doubt) when they met and that’s probably why he didn’t pay much attention to young MattyP, recalling that he was also drinking and surrounded by contestants of a wet t-shirt contest also adds context to this early encounter.

Also in discussion was John’s appearance on the old reality show, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”.  John informs the Matty P crew that he became friends with Bruce Jenner, declaring that he knew the Kardashians before they were famous reality stars themselves. John recalls hanging out at the pool “with Kim, Kourtney and their brother Khloe”. “Kim has a huge ass, but enough about Kanye” states John.

Tune into the radio show to learn who John thinks is the hottest Kardashian Replay the interview to hear what John thinks about Melissa Rivers, and if Jay Leno used him to his potential on The Tonight Show.

John recants how his “not fun, not funny” encounter with Billy Crystal came back to bite him in the ass when he worked for The Tonight Show. John and MattyP discussed John’s relationship with the son of the infamous Mob boss, John Gotti Jr. Dave Cruz asks John if its hard to get comedy gigs in LA. John responded by stating that its easier for him to get gigs in LA than it is at Governors on Long Island. Replay the interview to learn if John is more proud of his work on Howard or The Tonight Show.

The interview concludes with John taking questions from callers including his stuttering protégé’ High Register Seany. Replay to hear John which declare celebrity’s face he would like to fart in!!

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