Matty Ps Radio Happy Hour Gets Suave!

NEXT LIVE SHOW THURSDAY 12/4/14 @ 8PM EST CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE & ON DEMAND ANYTIME AFTER THE SHOW AIRS! WITH GUESTS: Pop Music Superstar & Star of VH1’s “Suave Says,” GERARDO Martial Arts Icon & Star of “The Rundown” & “TMNT 2”,” ERNIE REYES JR.

Matty Ps Radio Happy Hour- Wednesday Night Special- Vincent Pastore, Danielle Harris, Michael Jai White

NEXT LIVE SHOW WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 1 AT 8PM EST CLICK HERE TO LISTEN FREE On DEMAND Surprise [Adult Swim] Guest Revealed [AdultSwim]’s Black Dynamite, McFarlane’s Spawn, and Nolan’s Gambol in “The Dark Knight” Michael Jai White WITH GUESTS: Star of “Halloween 4, 5, RZ’s Halloween 1 & 2″ &  The […]

Like a 2×4 to the Head Matty Ps Radio Happy Hour Returns Tonight Hoooo!

NEXT LIVE SHOW: THURSDAY JULY 31 @ 8EST CLICK HERE  TO LISTEN LIVE OR ON DEMAND AFTER THE SHOW! WITH GUESTS: Star of “Human Centipede III”,  actor ROBERT LOSARDO WWE Hall of Fame Inductee, HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN Author and Political Commentator S.C. SHERMAN Plus…Coverage from our West Coast correspondents of […]

Episode 10 Rita Farbulos Show Notes Recap Season 4

RITA’S RECAP FROM THE SHOW THAT AIRED ON APRIL 24, 2014 By Rita Farbulous                                                                       S.4 E.10 The MattyP Radio Happy Hour returned with a special episode starring the cast of the new independent film, The M Word, starring Michael Imperioli, Corey Feldman and Tanna Frederick. Listen to a Replay of […]

Break Good with RJ Mitte "Walt Jr" in This Happy Hour On Demand Show!

Recorded LIVE: Thursday Night, February 27, 2014 @ 8pm EST DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN On Demand- CLICK HERE   WITH GUESTS: Actor & Walter White Junior in “Breaking Bad,” RJ MITTE Former Member of N’SYNC, Actor & host of “My Family Recipe Rocks,” JOEY FATONE Actress, Radio Host & AVN […]

On air LIVE this week Countdown to our 100th Show!

Next LIVE Show:   THURSDAY NIGHT 12/12 @ 8pm EST   DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN LIVE- CLICK HERE   WITH GUESTS:   Weight Loss Guru & Now Singer??   RICHARD SIMMONS   Member of the Legendary Rap Group The Geto Boys   BUSHWICK BILL Singer/Songwriter & Star of NBC’s “The […]