He's Finally Back. As Conan The Barbarian!

by Grim Shea – 01/30/2014 Yes, that’s right. Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning as the crazy Cimmerian himself, Conan the m-fing Barbarian! This movie has been in the vaguely-believable section of the rumor mill for a while now (in fact, don’t count on that summer 2014 release date anymore), but according […]

SDCC Preregistration is Fast Approaching-Come Heavy or Not at All!

by @stayclassySDCC The Comic-Con Registration and Preregistration can be, at best, a tedious exercise in futility, and at worst, Satan’s taint. But here’s some good news — you don’t have to log in at 8:00:00:01 registration morning to get your passes anymore! The (maybe) bad news is that it’s now […]

Break Bad with Skinny Pete & The Mountie on This Weeks Show!

Next LIVE Show: Thursday Night, January 30, 2014 @ 8pm EST DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN LIVE- CLICK HERE WITH GUESTS: Actor & Skinny Pete from “Breaking Bad,” CHARLES BAKER   Former WWE Tag Team & Intercontinental Champion JACQUES ROUGEAU   It’s Superbowl Time w/ Rico’s Interview with ESPN Reporter JENN […]